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Carbon black-based inkjet inks have assumed leading market positions in desktop as well as wide-format or industrial inkjet printing as they provide outstanding light- and water-fastness as well as superior optical densities. Among black pigments, Orion Engineered Carbons' specialty carbon blacks have become the leader in inkjet ink pigments. Regardless of printhead type, Orion's carbon black help to formulate inkjet inks that meet the highest requirements in today’s home, office and commercial inkjet printers.

Orion carbon black, produced by its unique gas black process and marketed under the tradename NIPex® IQ, are the preferred choice for water-based inkjet inks. Due to their high structure and surface polarity, gas blacks re-agglomerate while the ink is drying and form a large network-like agglomerate on the substrate, making them well-suited for printing on plain paper. The re-agglomeration limits pigment penetration into the substrate and is a key factor for outstanding optical densities. Additionally, our grades meet the highest demands of the inkjet industry regarding quality and purity.  

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