Automotive Coatings


To achieve the highest jetness in combination with a blueish undertone in automotive coatings, the proper selection of carbon black combined with a well-developed coating system is essential.

Carbon blacks for high jetness applications are characterized by the following key parameters:

  • small mean primary particle size
  • small mean aggregate size
  • narrow primary particle and aggregate size distribution
  • good dispersibility
  • balanced surface chemistry

For decades our well-known COLOUR BLACK FW 200 has been setting the market standard for carbon black primarily for solvent-borne applications.

To continue producing state-of-the-art products that meet the stringent performance requirements of premium high jetness coatings for water-borne applications, Orion offers new, innovative products like COLOUR BLACK FW 171, which performs well in is water-borne and powder coatings.

As a solution for both water- and solvent-borne high jetness coating systems, COLOUR BLACK FW 255 and COLOUR BLACK FW 310 are the most suitable selection, as both grades offer the characteristics described above, give you the highest jetness levels, and can be used universally in a broad range of different coating systems.

Curious about achievable designs and performance with our high jetness carbon blacks?
Take a look at our High Jetness Toolbox and get in touch with our sales and technical market management team!


In addition to design and coloristic funcionality, properties of carbon black enable conductivity as well as UV-protection to coating systems. Especially for primer applications, the use of a conductive pigment allows the possibility for ESTA application on insulating substrates.

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