Specialty carbon black enhances the performance of polymers by providing color, UV-protection, conductivity, durability and improving rheological properties.

Some of the common applications are:

  • Pipes for gas, water and chemical transportation
  • Synthetic fibers for textiles and industrial applications
  • Adhesives and sealants
  • Semi-conductive compounds for high voltage cables
  • Cable jacketing
  • Engineered polymers for automotive parts
  • Food packaging and film for agricultural applications
Car Interior
Cable jacketing
Adhesives and sealants

Specialty carbon black is essential to everyday products

Orion is the global leader in producing specialty carbon black solutions. The material is essential for a wide variety of products. Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. High-performance fabrics in clothing. Pipes for infrastructure. Paint for cars. Ink-jet ink for printers. Learn about more applications in this video.


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