Carbon Black Handling

Ensuring safe, competitive and efficient transportation & handling of our products, with care for the environment and in full compliance with regulations is of key importance to us.


We know and understand that transportation can be volatile, therefore we work hand in hand with shippers and carriers globally to understand our customer’s challenges and develop easy-to-use, sustainable and scalable solutions. We offer our customers a broad portfolio to answer the multitude of various customer requirements having access to all modes of transportation:

  • Sea/ Ocean Freight - Suitable for wide range of our products with long lead time and extensive coverage around the world
  • Rail – offering reliable transit times and schedules as well as helping to alleviate road congestion, thus lowering emissions
  • Road - allowing quick and scheduled delivery even in rural areas with very flexible services
  • Intermodal – Allowing Cargo to be moved to any part of the world using multiple modes of transport while our customers only need to deal with one entity to handle all modes of transport under one document


Carbon Black is primarily marketed in the form of powder and beads. The handling systems differ substantially depending on the form of carbon black. Carbon Black is mainly delivered in bulk trucks, semi-bulk containers and bags. Bulk trucks and semi-bulk containers are predominantly used for beaded material. Here, the product gets transferred from the silo directly into the truck and can be easily delivered to the customer. It is very suitable for large volume processing and saves packaging material. The product gets fast and directly integrated into the production process.

Depending on the grade, powder Carbon Black and some beaded Carbon Black can be fluidized pneumatically. This makes it possible to convey them in large quantities through a plant using high air volumes. Due to its low bulk density and relatively poor flow characteristics, powder Carbon Black is usually not shipped in rigid vessels or silos, but rather packaged in bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers. Beaded Carbon Black is much easier to handle due to significantly better flow and conveying properties.


Orion offers packaging solutions in all segments:

  • Paper- & PE-Bags – with the variety of Bags, we have in our portfolio, we are able to provide you a packaging concept and bag designs to best meet your requirements. We are working with the technology leaders in this sector as we understand the challenge to provide a robust, sustainable packaging solution for our products considering also customer specific requirement such as low-melt, moisture absorption or barrier protective layers.
  • FIBC – we are working with the leading FIBC specialists in the world developing cost-effective, flexible and sustainable solutions. We are able to supply you with the right FIBC that meets your requirements with respect to size and volume as well as addressing specific quality requirements.
  • Others:
    • Bag-in-the-box solution - Among the bulk trucks we have developed the bag-in-the-box solution to ensure a dust-free and clean handling. A huge FIBC bag is integrated into a standard oversea container of 40ft.
    • Minibag solution - Our mini-bags are a sustainable and cost-saving solution for little amount requests. They have been developed to exactly meet the needs of our customers and are suitable for powder or beaded Carbon Black.

Transportation Safety and Security

Safely and efficiently handling Carbon Black is our expertise and the expertise of our global partners. Implementing high standards with respect to transportation safety as well as continuously addressing and reducing dust emissions during loading, unloading and handling is a key priority to us. We maintain our loading equipment to high standards, continuously upgrade our handling procedures as well as apply a global standard to our truck and container loading procedures including loading security measures to protect our product and our customers.

We offer you a variety of FIBCs to meet your individual requirements.

We have several paper and PE Bag types in our portfolio covering also specific customer requirements.

Our newest packaging innovation: Minibags.

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