Ceramics & Carbides

In the reaction process of formulating carbides, a carbon source with specific requirement is needed as reactive component. Selected Special Carbon Blacks have high reactivity, high purity, show low ash and alkali and earth alkali content. Ceramics / carbides manufactured with such high-quality Carbon Blacks show very low defects.

An example for such a reaction is the manufacturing of Boron Carbide:
2 B2O3 + 7C  =  B4C + 6 CO2

Such ceramics / carbides can be found often in high-quality cutting tools, used as grinding a polishing material (as special types show a very high hardness). In most cases the ball in a ballpoint-pen is a carbide. And even in bullet proof vests in most cases carbide plates are used and serve to absorb the bullet energy, when a plate breaks.

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