High Jetness Toolbox

The discussion of three different high jetness pigments COLOUR BLACK FW 171, COLOUR BLACK FW 255 and COLOUR BLACK FW 310 is nicely displayed and debated in the High Jetness Toolbox (HJT). It presents color chips in mass tone, white reduction, metallic effect and in a pearl effect application. With the High Jetness Toolbox it is possible to show the differences of these high jetness Carbon Blacks. It is easy to recognize the change of properties e.g. color, flop, brilliance depending on additive, admixture or recipe. Clearly, not every pigment is equally suited for each application.

Chips to show color variance and diversity of different pigments

  • Water-borne coating system.
  • Solid (1.5 % Carbon Black).
  • White Blend (1.0 % Carbon Black).
  • Alu Blend (1.5 % Carbon Black).
  • Blue Pearl (1.5 % Carbon Black).

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