Orion S.A. installing tire pyrolysis oil tanks at Polish plant

HOUSTON – Orion S.A. (NYSE: OEC), a global specialty chemicals producer, is installing multiple tire pyrolysis oil tanks at its plant in Jaslo, Poland – the company’s latest move toward boosting production of circular carbon black.

The tanks will serve as reception points for TPO delivered to the plant. The TPO will be pumped from the tanks to furnace black reactors, which transform the oil into circular carbon black.

Orion is the only producer in its industry that has made carbon black from 100% TPO. The company makes a range of circular grades that are commercially available and suitable for a wide scope of applications.

Tire pyrolysis oil tanks arrive at Orion S.A.'s plan in Jaslo, Poland.
Tire pyrolysis oil tanks are delivered to Orion S.A.’s plant in Jaslo, Poland.

The circular process addresses a major challenge for the tire industry, which has long tried to develop ways to recycle old tires and mitigate the environmental burden caused by tire waste.

Orion’s journey toward sustainable manufacturing has been a collaborative effort with other companies dedicated to advancing environmental stewardship. Central to this approach is the synergy forged with partner organizations involved in TPO production.

“Our partnership with TPO producers underscores our shared commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Pedro Riveros, senior vice president of Global Rubber Carbon Black at Orion. “Through collective action, we are driving positive change across the industry value chain, from tire waste management to resource recovery.”

About Orion S.A.

Orion S.A. (NYSE: OEC) is a leading global supplier of carbon black, a solid form of carbon produced as powder or pellets. The material is made to customers’ exacting specifications for tires, coatings, ink, batteries, plastics and numerous other specialty, high-performance applications. Carbon black is used to tint, colorize, provide reinforcement, conduct electricity, increase durability and add UV protection. Orion has four innovation centers and produces carbon black at 15 plants worldwide, offering the most diverse variety of production processes in the industry. The company’s corporate lineage goes back more than 160 years to Germany, where it operates the world’s longest-running carbon black plant. Orion is a leading innovator, applying a deep understanding of customers’ needs to deliver sustainable solutions. For more information, please visit orioncarbons.com.

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