Printing Systems

Speciality carbon black are the most widely-used pigment for making black printing inks. Compared to other coloring and tinting materials, carbon black provides higher efficiency in combination with excellent fastness against light, temperature and various chemical substances.

For printing systems, Orion's products cover the full range of printing applications including high-volume offset printing inks, flexo and gravure inks, as well as inkjet, toner and other speciality ink applications. We can test and share experience to find the most suitable product for various printing substrates and a wide range of binder systems from oil-based, solvent-based to water-based and UV curing ink systems. Our customers have the option to choose from a product range mainly differentiating by key parameters such as surface area, aggregate structure and surface chemistry. Printing inks formulated with Orion’s carbon black provide superior optical density, hiding powder, gloss, holdout, rheological properties and storage stability.

Applications for carbon black in printing systems include:

  • Flexographic and gravure printing inks for publication and packaging
  • Coldset printing inks for newspaper
  • Heatset and sheetfed printing inks for publication and packaging
  • Toner for laser printers and copy stations
  • Inkjet inks for small office and industrial applications on various substrates
  • Screen inks for various substrates and printed electronics   

Fact Box

  • A smaller primary particle size and higher optical density of ink films result in a brownish undertone and a higher viscosity printing ink
  • A higher structure and higher viscosity impact results in easier dispersibility and better hold-out
  • The lower the structure, the higher the gloss of the ink

Food Packaging

Get to know more about our products which are compliant for use in inks for indirect food contact!

UV Curing

Balancing jetness and curing speed of UV curing printing inks.

Ink Jet

The optimization of the viscosity makes carbon black an indispensable additive in Ink Jet inks.

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