Rubber Carbon Black

The largest volume of carbon black is used in rubber applications. It provides reinforcement and improves resilience, tear-strength, conductivity and other physical properties. Rubber carbon black are the most widely used and cost-effective rubber reinforcing agent in tire components, mechanical rubber goods, including industrial rubber goods, membrane roofing, automotive rubber parts and other rubber goods.

ASTM rubber grades can be divided into two categories: highly-reinforcing grades and semi-reinforcing grades. Highly-reinforcing grades are identified by ASTM numbers in the 100, 200 and 300 series. These materials are used in tire treads and mechanical rubber goods applications, where they offer good abrasion resistance directly related to tread wear. Semi-reinforcing grades are identified by ASTM numbers in the 500, 600 and 700 series. Semi-reinforcing carbon black is used in rubber components requiring low heat build-up during dynamic stress.

Fact Box

  • Hard blacks (synonyms: tread grades, reinforcing carbon black): a type of furnace carbon black having an average nitrogen surface area of 70 m²/g or greater.
  • Soft blacks (synonyms: carcass grades, semi-reinforcing carbon black): a type of furnace carbon black having a nitrogen surface area in the range of 21 to 69 m²/g.

In addition to ASTM carbon black, Orion places considerable emphasis on the development of new products manufactured with the furnace black process to meet the growing demand for specialties for high- and ultra-high performance car tires and fuel-efficient truck tires. The ECORAX® grades used in tire treads and bodies provide a significant reduction in rolling resistance and consequently in fuel consumption. CORAX® HP Blacks are Specialty carbon black designed for excellent dry grip as required in high performance, ultra-high performance, racing and motorcycle tires.

The clean DUREX®,PUREX® and SABLE grades are essential in the manufacturing of mechanical rubber goods like extruded profiles and seals. These grades show a high quality processability and contribute to a smooth surface of the final product.


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