Specialty Carbon Black

Our Specialty carbon black are all about individual designs and highly sophisticated solutions. Specialty carbon black are important industrial raw materials, which are incorporated into the production processes for various industries including the polymer, printing and coating industries. Specialty carbon black are outstanding in their tinting strength, conductivity, dispersibility and UV-resistance. They also perform as a viscosity control additive and provide electro-magnetic shielding.

We also develop tailor-made solutions for our customers. To generate our wide product range, our  Specialty carbon black include products from all production processes. This allows our customers to have the opportunity to choose between the different solutions' advantages resulting from each production process.

Specialty carbon black and their associated requirements often make application requests very complex. Our professional technical market managers can help our customers with advice and technical support to find the perfect match for every individual request.

Coating Systems


Printing Systems

Special Applications

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Kingwood (Houston) Texas, USA

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