"Orion Engineered Carbons is the premium supplier of carbon black.
We generate long-term benefits for stakeholders
while remaining committed to responsible business practices
through a
focus on team culture, reliability and sustainability."

Premium supplier

For us being a premium supplier does not only mean to deliver a continuous high quality. We highlight the partnerships we have with our customers and suppliers. They are shaped by responsibility, long duration and mutual support. Being premium does not only point on the product quality but is accompanied by a top service. With the customer being of first priority to us, we develop individual offerings together with the customer to exactly meet his requirements. It is important for us, to have close relationships and dialogues with our customers to understand the individual needs at best. Therefore, our sales and marketing team supports with advice in terms of questions and problems and addresses the customer’s individual needs.

Long-term benefits

With our long-term strategy we ensure our partners a stable and safe business relation. We know that the term “benefits” has various meanings for each of our stakeholders. Considering our customers, we constantly improve our product portfolio and quality to offer the perfect match to individual requirements. Additionally, we continuously accompany our customer on the long run with our professional technical support. We serve our customers along the entire business relation; from the initial purchase until the after sales phase. In the communities around our plants we do not only foster the local economy, but also invest in the social and environmental development of the region. For our shareholders we put the focus on a long-term strategic business development and an economic value adding business approach.

Responsible business practice

Responsibility means to us to push positive developments by our daily business actions. As a result, we have developed our code of conduct to ensure that our very high security standards are respected along the entire supply chain. With frequent audits we monitor the working conditions within our plants and constantly search for improvement potential, to guarantee the optimum work surrounding for our employees. A transparent communication and open dialogue are the base for any interaction with our stakeholders. As part of the latter, we appreciate a good relationship to our customers, shareholders and the public. Especially with the local communities around the globe surrounding our plants, we are in a constant dialogue. Considering our customers we take the responsibility to always provide a solution to the full satisfaction of them by steady improvements in our risk and quality management.

Team culture

At Orion we know, that a team is stronger than a single person. Together every individual has more power to act. That is why we foster our team spirit. In case of issues our employees help each other and find solutions together. Only if we all go into one direction we are able to achieve our goals. Thus, daily business at Orion is shaped by mutual help and support among the employees. We understand team sprit as essential to push our performance to the best and beyond.


Reliability is a core value of Orion Engineered Carbons. It is the base to build any business relationship. For this reason, we strive to always achieve the highest level of reliability towards our stakeholders. Reliability goes hand in hand with trust. We understand this as an essential fundament for our business actions. This is not only valid towards our business partners and shareholders but also towards the public and our employees. But trust cannot be taken for granted. Therefore, we build our business on transparency, responsibility and credibility.


We take the responsibility for our business actions and are aware of its possible effects on various stakeholders. In this scope we consider the communities, the environment as well as the economy. With this triangle of social, environmental and economic aspects we balance the triangle within society. We do not only foster the social welfare in the communities around our plants with various social projects, but do also support the economic development by investments in education programs. Only with sustainability as base of our actions, we are able to develop our business on the long run. Therefore, we invest in many environmental projects around the globe.

Kingwood (Houston) Texas, USA
+1 83 24 45 33 00 

Frankfurt, Germany
+49 69 36 50 54 100 

Shanghai, China,
+86 21 61 07 09 66 

Kingwood (Houston) Texas, USA

Frankfurt, Germany

Shanghai, China

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