Work Safety & Process Safety

Safety is a fundamental part of our values and the base for our business operations. We believe that a workplace free of injuries is achievable and injury incidents are preventable. At Orion, safety is integrated into all aspects of the operation. It is everyone’s responsibility - as outlined in our global standards. The foundation for the safety process is our employees. A key daily success metric is to know we sent our people home the same way they arrived to work every day.  

Our sites maintain robust systems, processes and programs, so employees and contractors know what is expected and what to do to meet those expectations. The sites engage, embrace and encourage everyone to report what they see - both good and bad - by establishing a culture of employee engagement and early reporting. As a result, our people embrace learning and they become proactive, openly reporting and investigating incidents and near misses to understand what happened and what they could or should be doing differently to prevent re-occurrence. We habitually use root cause analysis to uncover all the process and/or system deficiencies that contributed to the event and never limit their investigations to only the employees directly involved.  We learn from others’ events (both inside and outside of their organization) and they implement controls that are robust enough to prevent the same situation from happening in their sites.

Every employee has important feedback on safety, and we need to maintain an environment to listen and apply their knowledge in the day-to-day operations.  A safe performing site has broader positive implications for the organization: morale improves, production increases, and employees feel valued, fostering an environment that drives continuous improvement in all facets of our business.

We have operations in many countries but inside an Orion site there is one safety standard, and we’ll continue to evaluate the sites to meet the expectations of our standards.  These safety standards are set at the group level to embed shared safety practices across all our sites and to elevate the safety awareness of our employees, contractors, and visitors (towards the achievement of our aspiration of zero injuries day after day). Additionally, we will further foster and welcome employees agreeing with our value of safety being engraved in our fabric of everything we do every day.

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Kingwood (Houston) Texas, USA

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