Learn more about how carbon black is used in the vehicles that move you. It’s in the tires on our cars. In the dashboard and the engine’s belts and hoses. It helps dampen vibration and insulate cabins. Carbon black is an essential material in the world of transportation.

Orion is the global leader in producing specialty carbon black solutions. The material is essential for a wide variety of products. Lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles. High-performance fabrics in clothing. Pipes for infrastructure. Paint for cars. Ink-jet ink for printers. Learn about more applications in this video.

Lunch & Learn: Women in Science

Orion celebrated the UN’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science with a panel discussion including Nicole Lewis, senior director of Operations for the Americas; Jennifer Stroh, director of Specialty sales and marketing for the Americas; and Kiran Valluri, regional EHS leader for the Americas

Carbon Black Guide

Orion has developed the Carbon Black Guide — a 32-page zigzag pamphlet with 102 different coating chips with technical information. The chips are derived from the 34 most popular carbon black pigments, each of which is visualized in black tone, gray and metallic.

High Jetness Mini Car

We know black is not just black. With its different shades and undertones, black is as multifaceted as the colors that make up the rainbow. Our carbon black products withstand the stress of everyday life and perform under the hardest conditions.

High Jetness Toolbox

More information about Orion’s three different high jetness pigments, COLOUR BLACK FW 171, COLOUR BLACK FW 255 and COLOUR BLACK FW 310, can be found in our High Jetness Toolbox (HJT). With the HJT, you may view color chips in mass tone, white reduction, metallic effect and in a pearl effect application and see the differences (color, flop, brilliance, etc.) of these high jetness carbon black.

Orion’s New Colour Black

Learn more about Orion’s new Colour Black OE 430 W — an easy-to-disperse carbon black pigment preparation for top quality water-bourne coating systems.